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Essendon Consider Changing Logo To Not Offend People

Essendon are conducting research among their fans to assess if they need to alter their iconic logo, due to concerns that its depiction of a bomber plane in WWII no longer fits with today’s sensibilities.

Essendon could make changes to their logo while still adhering to their WWII-era name, Bombers.

As Essendon Airport is close by, their identity has long been tied to that of Essendon Bombers; one of their all-time greats Matthew Lloyd recently told Footy Classified he hopes nothing changes about them.

“Bomber would be greatly missed,” commented Lloyd on Footy Classified.

Matthew Lloyd responds to reports that Essendon may be considering altering their logo and eliminating all references to their iconic Bomber jet.

Are we now reaching a point in which Essendon FC could lose an iconic logo and tradition due to criticism from those who disagree? By doing so, something so fundamental for our football club could potentially vanish forever.”

“I hope the logo stays.” Bombers officials have conducted extensive research with various stakeholders regarding possible modifications to the logo; however, no changes have been presented for membership approval.

Essendon Football Club boasts an esteemed past as one of the longest standing AFL clubs and a widely recognised brand,” Barham stated.

“A preliminary research project is currently being undertaken that explores all elements of Essendon brand and identity.

“Our research project is still in its initial phase. Members and supporters are currently being canvassed as part of this initiative, along with engaging Essendon Football Club stakeholders.”

“Our history spans over 150 years and our connection with members and supporters will always be respected and acknowledged.

“Unfortunately, no immediate steps will be taken to update or change any aspects of the club logo or brand. This project will require considerable work.”

“We recognise with great pride that the foundation for our future legacy lies within our rich past.”

“Have we got to that point, have we? Such a great logo and tradition of the Essendon Football Club (might go) because it might upset the odd person or two. We (might) lose something so special with our football club.

Essendon are conducting research among their fans to assess if they need to alter their iconic logo due to concerns

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