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The History Of The Melbourne Demons

The History Of The Melbourne Demons

Melbourne Football Club (also known as the Demons) is an Australian Rules Football club that plays in the Australian Football League, the sport’s premier competition.

Melbourne is the oldest club in any code of football. The origins of the club can be traced back to a letter written in 1858 by Tom Wills who was the captain of the Victoria Cricket team. In the letter, Tom Wills called for the formation of a “football club” that would have its own “code laws”. In 1859, Wills and other members of the Melbourne Football Club codified ” Rules of Melbourne Football Club “, which is now Australian rules football. The club was dominant in the early days of the sport and was a founding member of both the Victorian Football Association in 1877, and the Victorian Football League in 1896. This is now the AFL. Melbourne won 13 VFL/AFL championships. The latest was in 2020. The club is a founding member of the AFL Women’s League and won its first AFLW championship in season 7. 

History Of The Melbourne Demons
History Of The Melbourne Demons

Since 2009, the football club has been a part of the Melbourne Cricket Club. It was previously associated with the MCC from 1889 to 1980.

A loosely organized football team called ‘Melbourne’ played a series of scratch matches outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the winter and early spring of 1858. Tom Wills was the captain of this team. He was a well-known athlete and captain of Victoria’s cricket team. On 10 July 1858, Bell’s Life in Victoria, and Sporting Chronicle published a letter in which Wills called for a “football club” and a code of laws to keep cricketers in shape during the winter. Other figures who were associated with the Melbourne team included Melbourne Cricket Club members Jerry Bryant William Hammersley, J. B. Thompson and Thomas H. Smith.

During the Victorian Football Association (VFA) era, Melbourne Football Club emerged as a pioneering force in the sport. Joining as a founding member in 1877, the club quickly established itself with notable achievements on the field. Melbourne enjoyed early success in the VFA, securing several premierships and solidifying its reputation as a formidable competitor in Victorian football. These victories not only bolstered the club’s standing within the league but also laid a strong foundation for its future transition to the Victorian Football League (VFL). The VFA era marked a crucial phase in Melbourne’s history, shaping its identity and contributing to the evolution of Australian rules football as a cherished national pastime.

Home Stadium: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Commemorative Statue of Jim Stynes Melbourne Demons Legend
Commemorative Statue of Jim Stynes Melbourne Demons Legend

The Melbourne Demons are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The club’s headquarters and traditional home ground for home games are situated at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), located in the heart of Melbourne’s sporting precinct. The MCG is renowned globally as one of the largest and most iconic stadiums, hosting a wide array of sporting events, including Australian rules football matches, cricket, and major international events. As a cornerstone of Melbourne’s sporting culture, the Melbourne Demons have deep roots in the city, drawing support from a dedicated fan base known as the ‘Demon Army’. Their presence at the MCG not only underscores their historical significance but also symbolizes their integral role in Melbourne’s vibrant sporting community.

Premiership Success: Melbourne Demons

the Melbourne Demons have won 13 VFL/AFL grand finals. Here is the list of their premiership wins, along with their opponents:

  1. 1900: Melbourne defeated Fitzroy
  2. 1926: Melbourne defeated Collingwood
  3. 1939: Melbourne defeated Collingwood
  4. 1940: Melbourne defeated Richmond
  5. 1941: Melbourne defeated Essendon
  6. 1948: Melbourne defeated Essendon
  7. 1955: Melbourne defeated Collingwood
  8. 1956: Melbourne defeated Collingwood
  9. 1957: Melbourne defeated Essendon
  10. 1959: Melbourne defeated Essendon
  11. 1960: Melbourne defeated Collingwood
  12. 1964: Melbourne defeated Collingwood
  13. 2021: Melbourne defeated Western Bulldogs

These are the years in which the Melbourne Demons won the VFL/AFL grand final, along with the opponents they defeated in each respective grand final.

Melbourne Demons Finals Appearances

The Melbourne Demons have established themselves as a formidable presence in the VFL/AFL finals arena, having contested a total of 95 matches throughout their storied history. This extensive tally encompasses a wide array of final stages, ranging from qualifying finals to the pinnacle of Australian rules football, the grand final.

Across decades of competition, the Demons have consistently demonstrated their ability to navigate the pressures of finals football, making appearances in semi-finals and preliminary finals in addition to their grand final outings. This longevity in the finals series underscores Melbourne’s enduring competitiveness and resilience as a club.

Moreover, their finals record is marked not only by participation but also by success, with multiple premiership victories adding to their legacy. These achievements highlight Melbourne’s capacity to rise to the occasion when it matters most, showcasing their ability to perform under the intense scrutiny and high stakes characteristic of finals football.

Melbourne Demons Players
Melbourne Demons Players

In sum, Melbourne’s 95 finals appearances stand as a testament to their status as a powerhouse within the AFL landscape, reflecting both their historical prominence and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in Australian rules football.

Here are the Melbourne Demons’ 15 most recent VFL/AFL finals matches as of my last update:

  1. 2021 Grand Final – Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs
  2. 2018 Preliminary Final – Melbourne vs West Coast Eagles
  3. 2006 Elimination Final – Melbourne vs St Kilda
  4. 2005 Elimination Final – Melbourne vs Geelong
  5. 2004 Elimination Final – Melbourne vs Essendon
  6. 2002 Qualifying Final – Melbourne vs Port Adelaide
  7. 2000 Preliminary Final – Melbourne vs Essendon
  8. 1994 Elimination Final – Melbourne vs Geelong
  9. 1991 Elimination Final – Melbourne vs West Coast Eagles
  10. 1989 Grand Final – Melbourne vs Hawthorn
  11. 1988 Preliminary Final – Melbourne vs Hawthorn
  12. 1987 Preliminary Final – Melbourne vs Sydney Swans
  13. 1987 Qualifying Final – Melbourne vs Hawthorn
  14. 1985 Preliminary Final – Melbourne vs Essendon
  15. 1985 Qualifying Final – Melbourne vs Hawthorn

These matches span from the 1980s to the present day and include a mix of grand finals, preliminary finals, qualifying finals, and elimination finals that the Melbourne Demons have participated in over the years.

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