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Jarrod Berry has been reported for engaging in dangerous tackle

Jarrod Berry has been reported for engaging in dangerous tackle floors against AFL legends.

On Friday evening, one of Brisbane Lions star players was revealed, prompting several legends of the game to criticise current state of play.

Brisbane Lions defeated Sydney and secured top four status with a convincing 97-81 win at The Gabba on Friday evening.

A 13.19 (97) to 12.9 (81) victory was marred by Lion Jarrod Berry, who could hardly believe he had beenJarrod Berry reported for dangerous tackle charged with rough conduct for an accidental tackle on Will Hayward in the third quarter.

Commentators were left amazed and baffled, while Match Review must determine whether excessive force was employed during this incident.

Sydney FC have all but seen out their 2023 season following an eighth loss out of thirteen matches.

“Sydney won’t make the cut – they won’t participate,” warned Fox Footy’s Garry Lyon.

Last season’s grand finalists have suffered from an unfortunate spate of injuries – particularly on defence.

3. Swan’s Strike Is Labeled “Stupidity”, As He Awaits Ban

Sydney was on top in the second quarter, until Sam Wicks committed an act of “idiocy”, completely shifting momentum away from them and into San Antonio’s favour.

Wicks decided to go in for an aggressive late bump on Lion Ryan Lester – and delivered one with an elbow strike from high above.Jarrod Berry has been reported for engaging in dangerous tackle

Fox Footy reporter Jordan Lewis expressed their disbelief: “You shake your head; I still can’t figure out why he jumped and raised his elbow,” they lamented.

“Hard to explain what was on his mind!”

Sam Wicks has been publicly reported for this accident.

“Regardless of how hard an impact hits, your body remains vulnerable.”

Garry Lyon and Jonathan Brown agreed Wicks would likely face at least a one week suspension, possibly two, for his bump.

“Supremacy should only apply in extreme situations,” Lyon explained.

“From where we stand, everything seems fairly clear cut.

Brown advised him. “You should definitely get something.”

“Potential for injury – lucky that he didn’t end up with a fractured jaw!”

Lester was fortunate for the Lions, being able to recover quickly and resume play quickly.

Fox Footy’s David Zita noted, if an incident involved raised forearms it is usually classified as a strike.

“Even careless behaviour tends to receive higher grades for low impact than more intentional or unsafe actions.”

“Injuries caused by impacts are of critical importance in impact grading.”

Lester was left stunned, yielding to one of the first penalties that led to an Eagles touchdown score in the second period.

Brisbane scored four or five goals within 11 minutes to take control of this match-up as poor discipline from both teams saw their opponents fall far short of expectations.

On Friday night, Lion Jarrod Berry was taken by surprise when told he would be reported for rough conduct.

Berry had Will Hayward trapped in his tackle and, using an innovative 360 move, took him down.

Jarrod Berry has been reported for rough conduct…..

What happened next left the Lion shocked, as he accidentally conceded a free kick before learning he would be reported for misconduct.

“The Match Review Officer must consider two questions when reviewing matches: Was Will Hayward vulnerable and did Jarrod Berry use excessive force,” according to Fox Footy reporter David Zita.

“If neither question applies, Berry would be free to participate against St Kilda next week.

Commentators were stunned that Berry found himself in hot water over such an innocent tackle.

“If we continue at this pace, there won’t be any tackling by 2024-25!” lamented Brian Taylor.

“Playing this game may prove hazardous; you aren’t an experienced tiler tiling tiles in a safe manner.”

“Football is an intense and potentially hazardous individual sport – that is precisely its allure!

Matthew Richardson stated “I give up” when asked for his opinion on an issue.

“We know which incidents don’t meet our requirements – one example was Nathan Broad earlier this year when he received four-weeks for attacking, slinging and dumping someone to the ground – that wasn’t something we desired at all,” stated Levine.

“He (Berry) is an aggressive competitor; in order to change your mindset quickly enough in response, you need to transition quickly from fierce competitor to gentle person in an instantaneous way – something which you simply cannot achieve!”

“This doesn’t look like any sort of dump to me at all; rather they appear to be spinning around each other.”

Luke Hodge of AFL fame simply stated, “I don’t know.”

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